New and used appliance | Sales and installation

We offer and stock new laundry appliances from Speed Queen. They are built better to last longer, assembled right here in the USA. Come in and check out our display, and see the Speed Queen difference. Also they are backed with an industry leading 3-7 yr bumper to bumper warranty. A lot of the machines out there now are on their way to the junkyard within 7 yrs, these machines are still covered by the manufacturer and have lots of life left in them. Built to last 20+ yrs under normal use, and the only brand we trust in any sort of high use/commercial environment. 

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In addition to Speed Queen we also offer a wide selection of base model, what we call rental grade appliances. This allows us to get our property management customer's tennants back going faster than lowes, home depot, or any other retailers that are weeks out on delivery. We do sell to the public as well, and we generally stock base model ranges, dishwashers, microwaves, and refrigerators. If theres a model your looking at, we may be able to save you some money ordering with us even if it isn't something we stock. Feel free to call us with your model number before purchasing and let us price it out for you. 

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We also offer a rotating selection of used appliances. It's constantly changing, so call us or stop by to see what we have in stock. We offer ranges, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and occasionally microwaves and dishwashers. We go through and test each machine, offer a 30 day bumper to bumper warranty, and can even deliver and set up any of the used appliances we sell. 

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